Tuesday, 26 January, 2021

Zaoyang is going to change its name, you may not know?!

We often send micro letters to our friends and family members to bless each other, but now there are many online scammers, that is to say, cheating with micro parcels. If we are wrong about their trap, the money is likely to be lost, which is not what happened on the Mid Autumn Festival yesterday.
Yesterday afternoon, Xiao Li got a half autumn blessing from a little silent netizen. He sent Xiao Li 1000 dollars in a red package. This buyer is no longer an eBay seller, but an eBay seller. He is worried that this is a trap.
In this regard, the editor once again recalls that in the face of the false red bag trap, we must bear in mind:
Don’t enter sensitive information, share relay, don’t play,
Jump out of the chain, be careful, big red package, multiple routes,
Be careful, the cake won’t fall
If this happens to you
What are you going to do?
Welcome to the next message
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