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Just announced, involving more than 600 households in Kunshan to rebuild and demolish! Let’s see if we have your house

Kunshan vs. Shanghai hot wire
3. Bring the basin into the integrated transportation system of the triangle
Too bright, too many surprises
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Transportation integration
Components of iris bridge project
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Kunshan will join Shanghai soon
Study on the integration of transportation planning in the Yangtze River Delta of Kunshan
Considering that as a national strategy, the long-term integration of the three parties is increasingly strengthened, and the Ministry of transport of Kunshan City is actively carrying out planning research in order to integrate mountain areas into the long-term integrated transportation system, In order to promote the transportation of Sukun in Shanghai to enter a new stage of comprehensive development with higher quality, quality and standard, a common and mutually beneficial comprehensive transportation management mode will be established.
In “planning, construction, operation and management”, Kunshan systematically analyzes the development status of rail transit, public transport, roads and transport in recent years, and deeply analyzes and evaluates the level and effectiveness of Shanghai traffic collision. Draw lessons from the experience of comprehensive transportation development, and determine a clear direction for the further development of Shanghai transportation.
According to the understanding of the development plan, Kunshan also analyzes the correlation of economy, population, industry and other needs in the region, and analyzes the characteristics of urban space and transportation needs in the Yangtze River Delta urban agglomeration. On this basis, the study determines the characteristics of traffic links between Kun and Shanghai, and analyzes the future trend.
Mr. khukun is highly integrated on the administrative border.
Regional planning of Shanghai
Establish regional transportation links to strengthen the integration of river basin transportation system and main transportation facilities in the region, and improve the efficiency of internal and external transportation.
The roads are interconnected, establishing a railway network between cities, improving the seamless connection between urban rail and transportation center, and meeting the fast connection between major operation centers in Shanghai.
Direct public transport creates a diversified, demand and service-oriented cross-border public transport network system, explores and innovates the integrated development mode of Shanghai public transport network, and further improves the quality and efficiency of transport services in key areas.
The network has been connected, and the interconnection of khukun network has been further strengthened, thus forming a diversified multi-channel distribution system.
Through the unified service standards and management procedures, the comprehensive management of Shanghai transportation business has been promoted.
Approach 01: comprehensive and coordinated development
Here is the railway between soyurou town and between S1 and S3 highway!
In the construction plan of Jiangsu riverside Intercity Railway (2019-2025), one of the railways from Suzhou to Shanghai is the intercity railway of Suzhou.
The RFP issued to prepare for a more in-depth study of the Suzhou inter city railway scheme between dai’an lake and Shanghai Suzhou railway indicates that the implementation speed of the project requires the submission of preliminary project results by the end of 2019. The final outcome of the project in early 2020.
Once this inter city railway is opened, Suzhou will go to Dai Shan Lake and Dai Shan Lake to Shanghai, and the inter city influence will be more obvious.
Road 1
Line 1 is currently under warm construction, crossing the East and west of Kunshan. It is planned to carry out a pilot project in December 2023. It is worth mentioning that line 1 is finally connected with Shanghai line 11 in hanaxi, which is easy to connect Suzhou, Kunshan and Shanghai three times.
The third way
Public transport network, urbanization development business
With regard to the liner transportation business in Shanghai’s adjacent areas and the analysis of the transportation demand in the border areas, this paper proposes a strategy, key areas and organizational model for the development of cross-border public transportation network, In order to establish a comprehensive transportation network to meet the transportation needs of the surrounding areas of Shanghai and promote the interaction between the people in the border areas.
On this basis, the new public transport mode in the border area of Shanghai is explored and innovated, which provides new ideas for the comprehensive development of the public transport network in the two areas.
At present, C3, C5 and C6 public transport lines have been opened between Kunshan province.
In October 2018, from Kunshan to Shanghai, and then to Shanghai, Jindian Avenue Project opened two public transportation lines connecting Shanghai, namely C3 line, 1000 person line and Shanghai Qingtu line, C5 line. The route of Dian Lake and Qingpu, Shanghai
Line C3: Jack qincrescent Road Terminal Shanghai Aopu Island Road Station Bus hub
In addition, recent studies in Huaqiao and antwong have shown that a new section of the bus line between Andijan and Huaqiao will be built, from the Huaqiao Feng Road (last stop) to the Al ating bus station, namely C7 road. Connect Shanghai’s public transport center
Road 03 crashes and the development of differentiated strategies
In combination with the spatial characteristics and needs of different plates in the border area of Shanghai, different development strategies for docking roads are formulated to determine principles and planning standards for the docking of different levels of roads, For example, trunk roads, regional green roads, rural roads, etc., develop different elements for the distribution of road resources, and establish a high-quality, wide-ranging road connection system with the smell of Gangnam Shui.
At present, the road between kundian and Shanghai is connected with each other through the road between Jindian and Qingpu River, the business road between China and Shanghai, the road between Shanghai and Qingqing, the road between airport and Shanghai, the road between Kunshan and Qingsong, and the road between China and China. The road between China and Kunshan and kunjiaya.
These roads include Ying Lake Road from Kunshan to Shanghai, Dawn Road from Kunshan to Shanghai, recovery road from Shanghai to Shanghai, road from Kishan to Shanghai to Qingzha, road from Shanghai to Shanghai, road from Shanghai to Shanghai, new source road from Kunshan to Nanjing. Wait
The roads to be further coordinated include: Kunshan Beiyuan Road to Shanghai Tianchen Road, Kunshan Yuxi Road to Shanghai Xintai Road, Kunshan Jinyang road to Shanghai Boan Road, Kunshan Honghu road to Shanghai Qinlu.
Actively explore and move to new areas.
C. Delta basin integration
Research on integrated transportation system planning
Traffic jams are everywhere
Fight Kunshan in Shanghai
Kunshan and Shanghai will be closer
It’s easier to get to Shanghai from here.
In Kunshan, it’s like in Shanghai
What do you think, Kunshan?
Source: Kunshan Transportation Bureau.
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