Tuesday, 26 January, 2021

Official supervision! Kunshan’s wanghong community has completely changed, and there are still a number of communities to turn over

Rocking chair, table.
It’s sad
A sofa, a seed.
How many are like KB?
I am very busy today.
Drag the tired body home
I just want to sleep on a comfortable sofa.
Relax and enjoy your free time.
It’s important to choose comfortable furniture.
After all.
It directly determines our quality of life and our hobbies.
There is such a big factory
All houses don’t just use green materials.
And the quality is very high
The key is to satisfy all your fantasies about home
Potassium content
You’ve been driving for 13 years
Japan, America, Germany, Italy, etc.
Skilling house
The most important thing is
Before National Day.
September 20 to 22
Skylin’s $10000 is for sale at 20%!
Better than an electrician
There’s nothing to win
Don’t talk nonsense
Let’s take a look at the explosives house.
You are late They may have taken all the houses you wanted
The explosives house is 20%.
Scaring sofa
Original price: 15000
Activity price: 3999
This is a modern corner sofa with an engine.
Only $4999
It uses cow leather and high density sponge imported from Australia.
Soft, durable, safe, comfortable, simple.
There are 12 other colors
I bet you will
Full of comfort.
Traffic stitching
Visible mass
The difference is 0.1 degrees.
Coverage angle 110-160 degrees
So comfortable, King KB wants to be born on a sofa.
Drug resistant
The elderly and children in the family can rest.
The most important thing is
Only 70 modern sofas
It’s time to fight.
Original price: 21900
Activity price: 9999
A cup of American Red Oak tea
Modern living room.
This is quite practical.
The selling price of a national brand is $9999.
With the same money in Skylin, we can buy another double bed
That’s not all. Make a list during the campaign.
And $6400 for mahogany tea and TV
The surprise is that the whole room is ready
With this power, Skylin can do it
There are 70 seats left.
Don’t blame KB for not reminding you
It’s too late to be jealous.
There is only one game
Original price: 15000
Activity price: 2000
There is only one game
Original price: 8999
Activity price: 3000
There is only one game
Original price: 8500
Activity price: 3000
There is only one game
Original price: 8999
Event price: 3999
There is only one game
Original price: 8000
Activity price: 4500
There is only one game
Original price: 9000
Activity price: 5000
There is only one game
Original price: 2000
Activity price: 999
There is only one game
Original price: 2000
Activity price: 999
Skylin’s bed
There is only one game
Original price: 5000
Activity price: 1000
There is only one game
Original price: 8000
Activity price: 2000
In the exhibition room, there are sofas and beds.
Table, table, coffee, TV, everything
KB won’t introduce us here because of space limitation
Everyone can go to the exhibition room.
13 years in the local factory Exporter of foreign trade
13 years after its establishment, the products have been distributed to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, including charities and Sam’s Association.
Today the Schelling family has three super factories and hundreds of stores across the country He also has skyptch’s flag, which is very popular
In addition, Skelling products include American, Italian, modern and Nordic styles, and have a series of living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, studios and cinemas, providing a place for one-stop shopping. Have a variety of high-level skills, high-quality materials and detailed information.
Quality of foreign trade, spirit of craftsmen
For more than 10 years, Skylin has been focusing on the quality of software: handicrafts for handicrafts, the production of E0 environmental materials, the concept of unique style design, the production of mature and quality assurance products.
From the exterior to the interior, Skylin has always been superb, creating a good reputation for the industry
At present, Schelling has 300000 super factories in newpiye, 100000 in power supply stations, 400000 in construction, and in Nantong intelligent housing park
Certificates of 4 institutions. reliable.
Skylin is based on integrity. For the benefit of customers, it not only wins the market, but also wins the acceptance of everyone. Look at this screen full of honor, which is Skylin’s recognition.
Wide coverage and low price
In scaring, you’ll find leather sofas, beds, cloth sofas, mattresses, dining tables, TV stations, everything sold at factory prices (e.g., manufacturer to consumer e-commerce models).
Skylin has a 10, 000 square meter exhibition hall, and all the shopping malls are lining up so you can steal guns.
KB, remember again
20-22 September (Friday and Sunday)
Skilling’s attack.
Don’t let him out of your sight!
By the way, the factory is closing
Right, right.
Kunshan Tianlin Furniture Co., Ltd
No. 263, Hubei Park Avenue, Daishan, Kunshan City
Business hours: 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m
Tel: 18 015 536 588