Tuesday, 26 January, 2021

Today’s new year’s Eve, Kunshan’s new song is on fire

Are you afraid of driving?
Of course I will!
Rude pedestrians – 3 points
Illegal parking – 3 points
Turn on the red light.
A 12 minute license is over
At this time
It’s important to remember these places
Strictly abide by the rules.
It’s the only way not to lose points.
Don’t say no.
I just added 70 capture points to Kunshan
This is Changjiang Road, Qianlu Road, Xiaolin Road, etc.
Take the class out, remember!
The car is not decent.
Video clip
Bus stop video capture
Keep it
Everyone should be on guard in this street!
But KB means
A. Compliance
It’s not just the driver’s license notes
You and I are safe
Not just electronic
Every road should be civilized!
Warning, warning!
Let the traffic in Kunshan be more smooth and orderly!
Source: kunka police station.
You cannot use any platform.
Click on the kunka forum.
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