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Classic, always innovative, innovative, more about the pursuit of the future. This is the interpretation of Jaguar’s classic and innovation. Jaguar is the best luxury car brand manufacturer in the world. It will hold the 14th World Weifang terrace Auto Expo (Autumn) in China, displaying heavy and dual brand cars, so as to start a classic journey in the future.
The exhibition shows the extraordinary British heritage of drow
As you all know, Wei Fang has done a lot of work in Jaguar flag store in preparation for this Autumn International Auto Show.
The exhibition effect drawings provided by the flagship staff show that the whole gallery is black and white, with a classic color highlighting the quality, on the one hand, the Jaguar exhibition area, on the other hand, the rodeo exhibition area, The two brands form a luxurious display combination, together with a large led central display, to convey the details of the exhibits, where consumers will enjoy a unique visual feast. This Jaguar has undoubtedly become one of the most beautiful exhibits in this exhibition.
New Land Rover, bright lights, Jaguar f-pace.
In addition to the first high visibility on the PTA luxury engine platform, the new generation of Land Rover light sources, as well as the most advanced engine developed by Jaguar, namely the “core” of the new generation of four Ingram 2.0L engines, Jaguar f-pace, Xel, Jaguar XFL, Land Rover, Land Rover Discovery God’s line will also appear on the same stage.
The long-awaited light of a new generation of Land Rover will be revealed at the Rutai International Expo this autumn. This is the great hope of a new bright era. It is still the biggest bright era. As a high-tech and luxury terrain vehicle, the new generation of Land Rover. It has always been a combination of good terrain capability and stable road traffic behavior, providing flexible and silent driving experience, while retaining the proud ATRs road technology to facilitate handling of various driving situations. The terrain glitters in front of the tiger
As another heavy vehicle in the exhibition, the new high-energy British luxury car combines power and efficiency and will arrive at the luxury track, the Jaguar. But it also allows connectivity to the outside world to meet everyday driving. As a pickup truck with Corvette gene, f-pace Jaguar redefines the aesthetics, strength and purity of F-type, a new design. In addition to its daily functions and efficiency, it also has the attraction of operating at the level of sports cars.
After selling good things, escort the car
“During Rutai international train show, two brands of Jaguar and Land Rover launched a system wide special package.” Mr. Tan Jin Tao, marketing director of Weifang Shang Jaguar road flag, He told the press that Weifang’s consumers would also be surprised by the 20% reduction in the cost of buying cars by citizens, the high substitution subsidies, the low daily supply and the zero interest rate for economic courtesy.
At the same time, China group and Japan launched the “double insurance: six-year unlimited basic maintenance plus six-year unlimited mileage insurance” service to maintain the “escort” of homeowners who love good cars.
As the world’s largest luxury car brand, Jaguar Land will continue to provide consumers with superior products and services in the future, In order to meet the growing demand of today’s consumers for future intelligent tourism, and provide them with completely different intellectual experience.
China International Automobile Exhibition (Autumn)
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